About Us

Let's do Social Good

Social Good is a collection of students who are interested in doing extracurricular activities and 21st century skills like web design, graphic design, writing. We connect them with a community or communities relevant to their interests, with the goals of conducting research, creating content, and learning 21st century skills at a professional level.

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What we do.

We help you to learn and apply skills for the maker generation.

Learn Online

We believe that efficient learning can happen from the comforts of your own home.
Social Good's resources, mentors, community, and courses, are all suited to online learning.
No need to commute anywhere.


Community of Students

Engage with a community of like-minded students, content creators, and designers. Learn from your peers, and discover mentors and teachers who can guide you on your journey.


Gain 21st Century Skills

Learn the creative skills required in the 21st century like graphic design, web design, programming, video editing, photography and writing.


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